Adviser Update Adviser Update Spring 2017 | Page 15

15 management consulting in New York.) There are three major skills that I think my experience in student-run media gave me: • Leadership skills - the opportunity to be the editor-in-chief at the Echo gave me a very early opportunity to lead people, make tough decisions, and manage many moving pieces under deadline. I’m sure I did not get it all right as a 17-year-old, but I am confident that it gave me experience and confidence in leading in a professional environment that translated to the projects and people I have led as an adult. • Core reporting skills - I regularly think about how the skills in my job are similar to the skills in journalism. As a consultant, companies hire us to look at problems they are facing, identify underlying issues, make recommendations for how to improve and to create a compelling story for how and why the recommended changes will work. To me, this feels like journalism; I use my interviewing and listening skills to identify issues, and my storytelling skills to create recommendations and their potential impact on a business. • Writing skills - Finally, in every job I’ve ever had, the writing skills I developed as a student journalist have been one of my greatest assets. Journalism