Adviser Update Adviser Update Spring 2017 | Page 44

Quiz Grammar and Usage 1. The editor gave the prize to the reporter who/whom he thought was the most qualified. 2. With fear, the reporter moved slowly toward/towards the city editor. 3. As an unbiased editor, he had to be disinterested/ uninterested in how the poll would be interpreted. 4. Neither the reporters nor the editor was/were attending the conference. 5. The editor walked in to/into the publisher’s office. 6. The publisher stood behind the lectern/podium and asserted his objections to the Freedom of Speech amendment. Take this sample grammar and usage quiz based on a previous year’s test. For more information about the Dow Jones News Fund’s internship programs, visit 7. New York City lies 40 degrees latitude/longitude north of the equator. 8. The reporter was asked to stanch/staunch the flow of blood to the victim at the crime scene 9. The pitcher had 12 strike outs/strikeouts as part of his no hitter. 10. The publisher said she would wait until whoever/whomever would arrive to accept the prize. Answers: 1. who; 2. toward; 3. disinterested; 4. was; 5. into; 6. lectern; 7. latitude; 8. stanch; 9. Strikeouts; 10. whoever The Dow Jones News Fund offers paid, prestigious summer internships in data journalism, digital media, business reporting and multimedia news editing for digitally savvy college juniors, seniors and graduate students.