Adviser Update Adviser Update Spring 2017 | Page 7

7 For me the answer was design thinking. A five-step process that begins with empathy and emphasizes human-centered enquiry, typically it begins with off-the-record (but well-documented) empathy interviews, then defining a problem, working in groups to suggest ideas (ideating), prototyping a solution, testing it with users, and frequently, going back to square one and doing it again. (spoiler alert: It’s not really about a better bag.) We weren’t discussing refugees; we were establishing a mindset: Here’s how we can think, work in groups, use low-cost tools (Post- Its and Sharpies), generate ideas, consider out-of-the-box answers. Instead of “no, but,” students were encouraged to say “yes, and …?” A drone that follows your plane with your carry-on? A 3-D printer in your room with toiletries on demand? Ditch your passport and embed the data in Radically for us as journalists and educators, design thinking isn’t really about the product; it’s about the process. We began with a classic exercise, redesigning the carry-on bag Student reporter Tailor Liedtke (center, with notebook) interviews young refugees at the Stalingrad encampment in central Paris. Photo by Andy Wiener